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I hear you’re taking some nsfw headcanons, and I have some to share. Just a couple of favourites ehehe

I like to think that Mako has a pretty high libido. She’s nearly insatiable, and that worries Ryuko, because she doesn’t want to screw her to the point of Mako being unable to feel her…

Flower Garden download


When Kobayashi Chiaki, a short and serious young girl, gets a scholarship to attend St. Marie’s Academy for girls, she decides this will be the turning point in her life. She’ll bloom into a fair and elegant lady, and leave behind her old, shabby lifestyle!
However, becoming a true ‘lady’ proves to be quite difficult… especially when she gets a crush on the school idol, Chizuru, who is hiding a dark secret…

A light and fluffy shoujo ai visual novel, suitable for all ages, with lots of cute girls doing cute things, and having cute crushes on eachother!

Download, etc, under the cut.

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every ryumako moment in kill la kill ever


This took me five fucking hours to do omfg

basically, I rewatched the whole anime and documented every single interaction between Mako and Ryuko that seemed noteworthy. Not all of them can be considered romantic, but a lot of them are very important to us ryumako shippers. So yeah, here’s a 3,000 word 8 page piece of crap proving that im a total nerd

I will go down with this ship

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Hatsune Miku's How to Flip the Bird - Source
Step 1: Simply extend the middle finger.
Step 2: Give it some emotion.
Step 3: Now it give it more Zazz to make it yours!


It was supposed to be a motivational, but now I’m just sad.


It was supposed to be a motivational, but now I’m just sad.

Is Marijuana Harmful to Health?

short answer: No.







what the actual fuck is happening in this ova tho

Apparently pixis unlocked his next level

Let’s all face the makers of SnK are this fandom.

what is this anime anymore

this isnt even the result of a fandom dealing with a hiatus

this is the animators dealing with a hiatus

If Attack on Titan makes more OVA’s like this, I’m literally going to buy them all.

In short, Nintendo’s copyright policies against youtube and let’s play is being counterproductive. (Literally they are killing their brand).